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Love Has Many Faces - sample - Narrated by Sarah Barbet

What a Fabulous Review for the Audiobook

Written by an Audible listener 16/04/2020

 "Everything your mother warned you about" 

This is such a gripping tale of deception, love and strength. I was shocked to find out it was an autobiography. Lisa trusted the wrong person and found herself in a horrible situation, She trusted a man and lost everything. I cannot even imagine giving up everything and moving to another country, then to find out I was fooled and now I am stuck with no way of caring for myself. That is exactly what Lisa went through. With online dating so popular now, I think this is a book all young adults should read. This is the truth about what could and did happen. The world is a scary place and not everyone is trustworthy. Lisa is a very strong woman to be able to survive what she did and still be able to write about it.

This was my first listen to Sarah Barbet. She has an easy to listen to voice. Her ability to bring out all the emotions and struggles that Lisa dealt with was amazing. I got lost in her narration and it felt as if I was living the nightmare alongside Lisa. Ms Barbet's narration enhanced the overall experience of this story.

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