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  Early reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. For example,


Shocking and eye-opening, heart wrenching and thrilling. I'd highly recommend.

Claire Burgess comments, “Absolutely gripping, real-life story. The first book in years that I've picked up and read in two sittings, desperate to find out more. What a woman! I loved this book.”     Amazon reader  Claire Burgess on 15 Jun. 2016


Gripping read. Highly recommend! real-life story.

A breathtaking account of mental and physical abuse, lies, deception and corruption suffered by a lone Englishwoman in Uganda. This is the stuff of fiction, so is particularly poignant because it's a true story. One of those rare books that you can't put down once you've started reading.    An avid non-fiction reader on 4 Aug. 2016


Another Amazon customer adds,


“I love a true story and bought this book for a holiday read!! Not so, after reading the first few pages I was not able to put this book down. A wonderful true story about love, greed, culture and pain which were expressed by the author Lisa from the heart.    Amazon reader 13 June 2016


Celebrating the 50th Review from an Amazon Customer 5* 2018


This book has taken me on a journey of introspection, adventure, laughter and admiration for such a courageous and beautiful protagonist. Its casual and colloquial style draws you in and keeps you there for the duration. A real treat. Look forward to more by L Morgan.

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